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Sometimes it is useful to first eliminate excessive peeling with ointments containing tar, for example, Pregmatar. This drug is effective in many cases without previous scalp disease. The ointment should be washed of cialis with shampoo 4 or 5 hours after its application. Even after this, the disease can sometimes recur.

Asbestos lichen recedes before folk remedies. Asbestos, or asbestos, lichen is a dermatological disease of tadalafil pills. It creates a lot of problems, starting with aesthetic complexes, forming peeling on the head and ending with unpleasant sensations. How to determine the disease? The disease affects only the part of the head covered with hair, forming small white-gray scales.

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Very oldremedy for asbestos lichen - kerosene. To prepare the healing mixture, you need 1 tbsp. l. kerosene and 1.5 tbsp. l. fish oil. Make compresses on the scalp with gauze or bandages made of natural fabric.

Lubrication of the affected area with apple cider vinegar will help 5 times a day every 4th day of treatment. It is desirable to apply medicinal folk remedies on pre-cleaned skin from scales. To do this, you need to do a head wrap with salicylic oil for a long time. Thus, the scales are well softened and will be easily separated without injuring the skin and hair.

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Infusion of soapwort - peel and finely chop the roots and rhizomes of the plant. Pour 1 tsp. a glass of boiled water and leave to infuse for no longer than 8 hours. Drink the remedy 50 ml at intervals of 4 hours.
  • Flax decoction - pour 1 tbsp into a glass.
  • dry plant and pour boiling water, insist well.
  • Pre-filtered infusion to drink after meals three times a day.
  • In combination with external agents, it is good to drink 2 ml of sea buckthorn oil daily.
  • During treatment, it is desirable to undergo a course of tadalafil 10mg rehabilitation.
Every disease is much easier to prevent. Therefore, to prevent such a skin disease as asbestos lichen, you must always adhere to the rules of hygiene, monitor the condition of Cialis pills. And at the slightest suspicious external signs of illness, you should immediately consult a doctor.
It is very important to take vitamins B6 and B12.
  • Asbestos lichen is very common in children.
  • Therefore, parents should monitor the cleanliness of their children more, always wash their hands after the street and avoid contact with stray dogs and cats.
  • Well, if it was not possible to avoid the disease, there are many ways to treat it.
  • But, choosing a more suitable one, you should definitely undergo an examination by a dermatologist and consult with him.
  • Asbestos lichen (tinea amiantacea) is a disease of the skin and hair of generic cialis, characterized by a peculiar limited peeling.

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Etiology and pathogenesis are not known. Some authors consider asbestos lichen a severe form of seborrheic eczema, others - an atypical or initial manifestation of psoriasis, some - a manifestation of streptococcal infection. Many authors consider asbestos lichen as a special form of scalp reaction to infection, trauma and other pathogenic factors.

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The scales fit snugly against the skin and, as it were, envelop the hair or tuft of hair with a white sheath (figure).

Histologically, Lichen asbestos is characterized by hyperkeratosis, accumulations of horny masses around the follicular funnels of the hair. Asbestos lichen is observed mainly in children and young people. On one, less often several areas of the skin of the scalp, mainly in the parietal region, there are foci of peeling of irregular outlines of various sizes in the form of silvery-white or grayish dry dense scales resembling asbestos fibers.

In advanced cases, the hair thins out, skin atrophy is not observed.

The skin under them is slightly hyperemic. The course is chronic, relapsing. Rice The focus of the lesion in asbestos lichen: the hair of the head is covered with dense scales.

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